Aradman was founded by cooperation of a group of specialist who had many years of experience in the field of publication, literature and media
.The result of such cooperation led to high quality products and intellectual ideas

– Aradman publishing company was established in 2010. Books published in Aradman are particularly about culture, literature, art and children. More than 100 books were published in mentioned fields till  now
The goal and strategy is cultural exchange between the country and outside country. For example: Ukraine, Armenia, Arab countries…
Aradman had participant in National and International book fairs in Iran and other countries
Aradman participates in Tehran international book fair every year
Aradman had participant in Moscow book fair in 2015 and in Frankfurt book fair in 2016
Aradman had participant in Asian publishers fellowship 2018
Aradman maks literary awards, cultural seminars and other activities each year
Aradman Collects books from publishers in all over the country and selling with Aradman’s book in the benefit of disabled children in Iran
P. O. Box: Tehran-13355178
Postcode: 1339853645